YouTube censorship

Is YouTube trying to cancel hunting videos?

YouTube demonetizing hunting videos is nothing new. In fact, a quick search yields results dating back to 2018 on this topic.

However, a recent update to the media giant’s ‘Ad-Friendly Content Guidelines’ has imposed a new set of hunting restrictions on content creators, making it harder than ever to produce content that hunters want to see while still generating ad revenue.

For those unfamiliar with how YouTube works, the concept is simple. First, you create a channel and upload your videos. If your audience grows enough, YouTube runs ads before and during your videos and then gives you a percentage of the revenue.

The more subscribers and views you get, the more money you can earn. The best YouTube producers in the world earn millions of dollars from this program.

In recent years, the popularity of hunting-based YouTube shows such as Seek One, Hush, The Hunting Public and others has increased dramatically. Some of the most popular hunting channels have hundreds of thousands of subscribers and generate significant revenue.

This week, several major channels that include hunting content, including Seek One, were told they would be unable to generate revenue for the next 30 days due to a violation of YouTube’s content guidelines. . Like most things Google owned, the message was very vague, with no details given and no one to talk to about their decision.


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