West launches information campaign against Russia on migration crisis – diplomat – Russian Politics & Diplomacy


MOSCOW, November 9./TASS/. The information campaign of accusations launched by the West against Russia over the migration crisis on Belarus’ border with Latvia, Lithuania and Poland is an attempt to shirk responsibility for the developments. A new wave of crisis has been triggered by the action of Western partners, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told Spas television channel on Tuesday.

“I thought it was just the media’s lack of scruples that have rolled it out over the past few weeks, alleging that Moscow is behind it all. Then I realized that we are again facing some campaign of Today, these assumptions and suspicions have been confirmed, the diplomat said.

“There is only one reason – to get away from reality and not want to see the essence of the problem,” she continued. “An endless attempt to find the culprits, [accusing everyone] but themselves. We are witnessing a new wave of migration crisis triggered by the respective actions of our Western partners over the decades, and not just in a year or two, in the Middle East and North Africa region ”, said Zakharova.

Western countries themselves were showing the world their good attitude towards refugees and enforcing the European way of life as exemplary, the diplomat continued. “Was it not Poland, Lithuania and other Baltic states, Brussels that had been telling the world for many months how the refugees, also arriving from the territory of Belarus, should be treated? she noted. “Refugees who cannot find happiness and tranquility in their homeland. Ms. Tikhanovskaya’s story has been presented to the whole world,” she said.

“Did they think no one saw this when they showed these pictures on all the mainstream western channels? Or did they think people wouldn’t believe that? People gave credit to what they saw,” he said. continued the diplomat.

“And besides, they do not consider themselves worse than representatives of other states, Belarus as well, who find refuge or a temporary home and talk about it,” she explained.

The migration crisis on Belarus’ border with Latvia, Lithuania and Poland worsened considerably on November 8. Several thousand people have approached the Polish border from the Belarusian side and do not leave the border area. Some of them tried to cross into Poland by cutting wire fences. The European Union accuses Minsk of intentionally worsening the crisis and calls for sanctions. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko blamed the situation on Western countries themselves, because their actions had caused people to flee the war.


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