With today’s Fruit Growers report, I’m Bob Larson.

Technology in agriculture is rapidly changing at every turn. This makes our work easier, more efficient and more effective.

A company that plays a big role in these changes is

Phytech, a company that helps producers to optimize their production.

Phytech’s Travis Klicker says they do this by connecting growers with their plants…

KLICKER… “The one we like to call Phytech is, ‘it’s very similar to a Fit Bit or a Smart Watch for plants,’ being able to kind of get the pulse of the plant straight.”

Klicker says they use a few different pieces of equipment, but…

KLICKER… “The heart of the system uses what’s called a dendrometer which essentially captures the expansion and contraction of a trunk in real time. So it’s a sensor that we put on the side of the plant and we’re able to see when the swelling and the contraction is happening based on the absorption of water into the plant and then the release of that this for the growth of new shoots and new fruit growth.”

Klicker says he keeps you well informed…

KLICKER… “But there is also some of that water that is lost to evapotranspiration, which is one of the key factors that many, many farms try to manage, managing how much water to put in. “

Klicker says that eliminates a lot of guesswork…

KLICKER… “That’s exactly it, yeah, what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to tweak it so that anybody they’re trying to fit into their organization can see the right information and plug in and play with it and be able to get the right results and action items.

To learn more about Phytech, visit www.phytech.com…it’s phytech dot com.

To learn more about Phytech and how they can reduce your water usage and increase the size of your plants, visit www.phytech.com


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