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Weather station Jan 7

Mike Stephens

For California AG today, I’m Mike Stephens. A new weather station is unveiled in the Upper Myrcella River watershed in Yosemite National Park. The data will provide many benefits to the Merced Irrigation District and others. Merced Irrigation District joined with Yosemite National Park officials in announcing the installation of a new snow and weather station in the upper reaches of the Maceda River watershed in central Sierra Nevada. The data it provides will dramatically improve forecasts for Yosemite National Park, as well as the Irrigation District of Murcia, the National Weather Service and the California Department of Water Resources. This station will provide crucial snowpack and runoff data, not only to the Merced Irrigation District, but also to several other entities that will benefit from their forecasts, said Merced Irrigation District General Manager John Swagel. He continues: We appreciate the work and consideration of all the partners who carried out this project, especially given the telesensitive nature of the area in which the station is installed. The Merced Irrigation District will use the information to support its operation and management of McClure Lake and the new additional dam located in the foothills several kilometers west of Yosemite National Park. The Recipe Irrigation District provides McClure Lake irrigation to approximately 2,200 producers, the majority of whom operate less than 50 acres of small family farms in eastern Merced County. In recent years, the Merced Irrigation District has taken specific steps to modernize its facilities and continues to seek out the most advanced technology possible to help manage the limited water supplies in the area.


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