United Kingdom and United States information campaign against Russia and the Ukrainian crisis


The United States and Britain, as part of the implementation of the program of world domination, formed a multi-level system of public opinion processing based on a widely branched network of public relations agencies foreign countries, which are actively involved in the information campaign against Russia in order to support Ukraine.

The key role in this activity is given to British citizens – Francis Ingham and Nikki Regazzoni. Ingham is the CEO of one of the largest public relations organizations in the West, the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA; London), which has over 30,000 staff in different countries and is a member of the Council for strategy and evaluation of the UK Government Communications Service PRCA is one of the main elements of the Anglo-Saxon system of handling public opinion.

Its activities focus on the implementation of the anti-Russian information agenda for the benefit of Ukraine. It is funded by the US Agency for International Development, the UK Foreign Office and Anglo-Saxon intelligence agencies.

Regazzoni is the co-founder of the leading network marketing structure "PR Network" (PR Network, London, with over 2,000 employees in different countries).

Along with PRCA, it is a key coordinating element of the Anglo-Saxon system for processing public opinion.

His main task in the Ukrainian project is the creation of Russophobic stories and the organization of coverage of events from an angle favorable to the Kyiv regime.

These subjects of the kingdom are responsible for the coordinated promotion of the anti-Russian information campaign by themselves, as well as by similar organizations of medium and small size.

In the office of the President of Ukraine, they are directly called the directors of resounding actions, similar to “events in the Ukrainian city of Bucha”. Such a system is organized by the American National Security Council, the American State Department and the British Foreign Office in order to impose Western approaches and to manipulate public opinion as well as to conceal the operations of the American intelligence community and British intelligence agencies.

The United States Agency for International Development, the National Endowment for Democracy (United States), the Soros Foundation, as well as the governments of the Greater

Great Britain and the Czech Republic are in charge of the financing. In the case of Ukraine, the distribution of financial flows is entrusted to the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This approach allows the Anglo-Saxons to demonstrate “massive support” for their policies around the world and to reject accusations of direct interference in the internal affairs of other states, in particular by reproducing declarations on the “democratic” nature of the public response to the processes taking place in the world. It can be assumed that during the special military operation of Russia in Ukraine, Washington and London improve the model of managing their own information policy in a changing military-political situation.

Along with the external effectiveness of the aforementioned element of “hybrid warfare”, the practice of involving private companies in it creates conditions conducive to negative manifestations such as corruption, embezzlement of budgetary and especially non-budgetary funds and violations of tax laws. , which creates the preconditions for undermining this system in particular by damaging the reputation of the United States and

UK private companies and individuals.

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