UK launches E10 information campaign


The UK government announced on June 7 the launch of a nationwide information campaign on the introduction of E10. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the fuel mix and how its deployment will help the UK to rebuild greener.

Work to switch to an E10 gasoline blend has been underway for over a year. UK Department for Transport opened a public consultation in March 2020 on a proposal to adopt E10 as the standard gasoline grade sold in the UK, instead of the current E5 standard. The switch to E10 is part of the government’s plans to achieve zero net greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050.

The UK Department for Transport announced in February 2021 that it was moving forward with the adoption of the E10. A bill to implement the change was released in May. E10 is expected to be available in the UK from September.

The government’s E10 information campaign is slated to begin in mid-June and will include fuel pump labels and targeted advertising on digital media, radio and social media.

“The deployment of E10 is the latest in a series of steps we’re taking to cut emissions from roads, cut pollution and keep us on track to meet our ambitious goals. net zero by 2050 targetSaid Transport Minister Rachel Maclean.

“This campaign will not only educate drivers about the changes we are making, but will also show millions of motorists how the introduction of E10 is helping to reduce carbon emissions and build greener buildings with every tank of gasoline.” Maclean continued.

Further information is available from the UK Department for Transport website.


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