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Tim hammerich

It’s time for your report on the Farm of the Future. I am Tim Hammerich.

If there is one story that dominated headlines in agriculture in the West last year, it’s water. Farmers of all types are looking for ways to optimize when to irrigate, where to irrigate and how much water to apply. Tule Technologies has a few products to help growers make these important decisions, says Kendall Barton, Marketing Manager.

Barton… “One is an indoor Tule sensor that measures the actual evapotranspiration of a field each day. We measure the water stress of this crop on a daily basis. We have real-time irrigation monitoring. And all of this put together allows us to provide an irrigation recommendation for growers.

Tule does this by installing sensors in the field, orchard or vineyard. Barton says the amount of sensors you will need can vary.

Barton… “So a sensor in orchards typically directly measures about one to three acres, but we recommend one sensor per irrigation management area. So it can range from 10 to 80 acres, depending on how you manage your fields. “

And for winemakers who want to get away from the manual pressure chamber process, they have a product for you, too.

Barton… “We also have another product specifically designed for vines, it’s an app on your phone that will take measurements of the water potential of the leaves, just like a pressure bomb would, but without all that extra hassle. . “

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