Tracking carbon emissions from farm to food


Tracking carbon emissions from farm to food

Tim Hammerich

It’s time to publish your Farm of the Future report. I am Tim Hammerich.

Consumers and food companies want to know more about the carbon footprint of their products. To do this, companies rely on SINAI Technologies to calculate the actual carbon emissions of their supply chains. Founder and CEO Maria Fujihara explains that the way it works is to get everyone from seed to retailer using their data collection platform.

Fujihara… “We have just launched one of the new modules of our system which is associated with the monitoring of emissions throughout the value chain. We were tracking emissions from seed production, from the seed grower, to a product that was on the supermarket shelf. And the idea is to track all these different sources of emissions.

Fujihara said it has done this with several different food products, as well as other industries as well, to find ways to decarbonize supply chains.

Fujihara… “Track the emissions of all these different companies to understand what the impact of each of these companies is and also what are the biggest bottlenecks and greatest reduction opportunities. So these companies can actually come together and bring products to market that are much less impactful and actually traceable.

This adds a new dimension for producers to consider when adding value to their buyers: not only price and quality, but also the actual carbon footprint.


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