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Tour of the Future of Fertilizers

Tim Hammerich

This is Tim Hammerich from the Ag Information Network with your Farm of the Future report.

Anuvia Plant Nutrients, a provider of bio-based plant nutrients, will host Future of Fertilizer events this month and next. Hugh MacGillivray, Commercial Director, explains that the company offers growers a new way to deliver nutrients to crops.

MacGillivray… “We have developed bio-based nutrient products for both turf markets and agricultural markets in North America. We have been used on over two million acres for major crops, such as corn, cotton, rice, wheat, canola, soybeans, but our technology has broad application across multiple crops.

He says the Future of Fertilizer tour offers a glimpse into the future of organic plant nutrition based on microbial technologies, starting in North Carolina this week and continuing this month in the southeastern United States.

MacGillivray… “We’re going to start with a tour of the plots talking about the technologies SymTRX technology, the SymTRX XP. We will show them a few different cultures. We also have a few other speakers. We have Mike Rohm, who is an agricultural economist. And then we have a grower who uses SymTRX extensively on his farm. He’s going to talk a bit about his experience and some of the benefits he’s seen from this technology.

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