Tools for capturing incentives for sustainable development


Tools for capturing incentives for sustainable development

Tim Hammerich

This is Tim Hammerich from the Ag Information Network with your Farm of the Future report.

More and more platforms are emerging to pay farmers to sequester carbon and provide other ecosystem services. Truterra is the sustainability division of Land O’Lakes. President Tom Ryan says they are working to help farmers leverage technology to take advantage of some of those incentives.

Ryan… “You know, there’s a lot of data entry. A lot of information is needed to participate accurately in many of these programs. And so really it comes down to taking advantage of some of these technological solutions that are out there or creating new ones to facilitate this process. Can we capture more information with remote sensing or solve this connection problem I talked about earlier: I have this data in my monitor, I have this data in this monitor. How can we bring these data sources together in a seamless way that doesn’t require as much manual intervention, making it easier for a producer to participate. Or even to see if they are eligible. So I think those vague rocks will be what we’ll be focusing on the most over the next 12 months as we move and resize the platform on the massive new acres.

Ryan’s other two priorities included providing broader opportunities for growers and building talent and capacity around conservation agronomy.


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