Tools that farmers can use

Tim hammerich

It’s time for your report on the Farm of the Future. I am Tim Hammerich.

New agricultural technologies are appearing all the time, but how many of them have really changed the way farmers run their businesses? They largely failed, says Andrew Bate, farmer and founder of agrotech. But he sees robotics changing that so that he can actually apply all the data collected to new agricultural approaches.

Bate… “There are all these agrotech companies coming to you with all these solutions. “We can revolutionize that so that we can do it so that we can show you that idea,” but then you come out of your farm office, go into the field and look around and say, “Well, what? what am I going to do differently for what I did last year? The kind of agtech stuff so far has been mapping and that sort of thing. And this is where I continue to get so excited about agricultural robotics, because as a farmer, coming from a farmer perspective, basically doing something different on the ground in the way we farm. our cultures are the key to all of this.

Bate founded SWARMFarm Robotics, a robotics company to bring automation to farmers like him.

Bate… “One of the great things in farming is that we can’t just revolutionize farming with big data and software. That in fact, you have to be physically in the paddock to really move the lines on sustainability and profitability in farming. And, you know, while everyone is trying to get more data or images or do whatever they want to show something in the field. What we were missing was the ability to go out there and do something fundamentally different from what we were doing last year, the year before, 10 years ago.

Bate sees robotics, as his company sells it, changing that at the farm level.


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