too much fertilizer

Farmers are facing many challenges, such as lack of workers, very high fuel costs this year, bad weather which has delayed planting. Speaker2: And one of the challenges facing farmers today is this issue of fertilizer. Speaker1: Low supplies, high prices. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says there isn’t much to do on fertilizers in the short term, but in the longer term. Speaker 2: Part of what we do at USDA is to research ways to equip farmers with conservation practices that allow them to need less fertilizer, provide them with tools to measure with precision the fertilizer used so that it is the right way and the right time and the right method and the right amount. Working on sensor technology that may at some point cause us not to fertilize a particular acre because it doesn’t need it. A side note to Vilsack’s last observation about not needing it, I read an environmental report about farmers using too much nitrogen clogging up too many water bodies in this country. Speaker1: Also, says Vilsack, we are obviously too dependent on fertilizer supplies from other countries. And so the USDA launched a program designed to bring together the best ideas on… How we in the United States can become more self-sufficient in fertilizer.


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