The mastery of information necessary for education: director of Olds


Disinformation and misinformation are spewed not just during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but all over the world

OLD — This year’s Social Studies 30 class at Olds High School is a great opportunity to teach students about disinformation and misinformation — and propaganda in general, says principal Tom Christensen.

It’s not just a problem during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it’s everywhere these days, he adds.

Wikipedia defines misinformation as incorrect or misleading information that is presented as fact, “intentionally or unintentionally”. It defines misinformation as “deliberately misleading” misinformation.

“We spend a lot of time on propaganda,” Christensen said in an interview.

He described Russian President Vladimir Putin as “a master of disinformation”.

However, Christensen said the proliferation of disinformation and misinformation is not just limited to the invasion of Ukraine.

“When I was growing up, the people I read the news about applied for this job. It was a job,” he says.

“And now, in the age of disinformation, you’re not just dealing with disinformation from the media, from state media like what’s in Russia, but you’re also dealing with disinformation from journalists at the keyboard, is not it ? People who just give themselves their own credentials to write something.

“Propaganda has always been part of any war at any time in history. But what these students are faced with is that there are millions – probably literally millions of propagandists of sorts – people who have opinions that can be considered wrong.

“So we have to spend a lot of time. Information literacy is almost the greatest need in education. How do you sort information? »


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