The cotton industry sets voluntary standards for packaging


The cotton industry sets voluntary standards for packaging

With your southeast regional farm newspaper, I’m Haylie Shipp.

The cotton industry is advancing on a standard for the packaging of round modules. According to Lauren Krogman, marketing and processing technology manager for the National Cotton Council, a new policy was added at their 2021 annual meeting…

“This standard addressed key properties around module packaging such as tinsel strength, abrasion resistance, puncture resistance, adhesive properties and colors that can be easily detected.”

According to Krogman, the standard was created to deal with substandard packaging that was beginning to hit the market. This packaging could not withstand the climate and harvesting conditions, which ultimately led to increased amounts of plastic contamination.

On February 15, 2022, the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers fully approved and released the updated S615.2 Cotton Module Cover Material Performance Standards.

“Although this is a voluntary standard, the Council urges all growers to only consider purchasing packaging that meets or exceeds the standards developed.”

Going forward, the National Cotton Board will be the repository of the names of manufacturers who meet these minimum standards.


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