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The autonomous wheelbarrow

Tim Hammerich

It’s time to publish your Farm of the Future report. I am Tim Hammerich.

Labor is the number one problem for many farms, but robotics is still far from solving the problem. However, there are technologies that help agricultural workers work more safely and efficiently. One of them is a robot named Carry by Future Acres, which CEO Suma Reddy describes as a fully autonomous wheelbarrow for transporting freshly picked table grapes.

Reddy… “What we’re developing is what we call the harvest sidekick. We are not trying to displace or alienate people. Essentially, the farmhand works with Carry or the robot to save those two hours of the day they spend hauling wheelbarrows around a farm. The wheelbarrow was actually invented in 231 CE in China. And if you look at images, if you google images, it’s basically the same technology.

Reddy said this kind of technology can be used immediately and serve as the next step towards more data, analytics and autonomy.

Reddy… “You know, picking apples and picking strawberries is great to dream and think about, but we’re still a long way from those marketing solutions. And again, the question is, what do farmers want today? And they’re like that actually solves a problem for today. Let’s build something that gives you the base of the data and analytics, because you have something that can move around a farm and we can start capturing the yield. We can start capturing time, like location stamps, etc. And so, when you need it, we’ll be ready.

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