Technology helps protect the quality of stored grain


Technology helps protect the quality of stored grain

Tim Hammerich

This is Tim Hammerich from the Ag Information Network with your Farm of the Future report.

Achieving a successful grain crop requires skillful management throughout the growing season, but for many farmers it doesn’t stop there. Greg Trame is Director of Technology Sales at GSI. He says proper grain storage is equally important to protect the quality and value of this crop.

Backstory… “For years, farmers have climbed the ladder of grain silos to climb into them and take samples to check the quality of their stored grain. Today, many farms have replaced it with cable systems, which provide a more efficient way to monitor grain temperature and moisture levels. The real goal here is to quickly detect and respond to any issues to prevent the grain from deteriorating. »

According to Trame, GSI’s new GrainVue grain management system allows farmers to automate the process.

Weft… “GrainVue uses the latest digital wire technology to accurately check grain temperature and moisture, as well as provide an indication of inventory in the silo. The system can send alerts to farmers about the condition of their grain and can automatically control fans and heaters to keep grain in ideal condition. With 24/7 monitoring and remote management using a smartphone, mobile device, desktop or PC, farmers can have the peace of mind knowing that the quality of their grain is protected.

Trame says the system gives farmers options depending on their goals and conditions to save time and energy by only running fans when needed.


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