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Technology for organic growers

Tim Hammerich

It’s time to publish your Farm of the Future report. I am Tim Hammerich.

One of the criticisms of organic farming is that it does not incorporate modern technology. But that’s just not true, says assistant professor and extension specialist Erin Silva. Although there are restrictions on what can be applied to organic crops, there is technology that can help.

Silva… “A lot of the technology that we see, whether it’s RTK compliance or the ability to use precision agriculture all over the terrain. It certainly helps to make weed management more efficient, being able to get close to growing with different growing equipment. There are also incredible innovations in organic no-till techniques, whether it be crimpers, trimmers or other tools capable of killing weeds once they have established themselves in field. Tools like weedkillers or large knives capable of getting over the crop and cutting weeds.

She said there are also interesting drone applications for organic growers, or even robots.

Silva… “There is also some really exciting precision technology with robots able to lower single rows and manage weeds, again in a way that minimizes ground disturbance, minimizes compaction and minimizes impacts on our soil.”

Silva added management software as another example of technology for the organic producer.


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