Technology for agricultural supply chains


Technology for agricultural supply chains

Tim hammerich

It’s time for your report on the Farm of the Future. I am Tim Hammerich.

Agricultural technologies aim to make our food system more efficient. Nowhere have there been more examples this year of the need to improve efficiency than in our delicate supply chain. That’s why agrotech investor Janette Barnard sees opportunities to invest in companies that can not only help growers, but also help the supply chain that concerns us all.

Barnard… “The supply chain is the crisis at the moment, it is topical. We should expect more venture capital to pour into this category now, just like it has happened in fintech. If you think about the story of how much capital flowed into fintech-type companies after the 2008-2009 financial crisis, then you know it started slowly, but a few years ago you started to seeing more of these IPO companies, which led to more capital entering the category. And I think now we’re at that point where a lot of things were originally aimed at consumers, we’ve seen more and more of it come into a B2B-like context. And now it’s happening to agriculture and there’s a lot more to the crop side, it’s just starting to move on to the ranching side.

One of the main drivers of investment in agricultural technologies has been investor interest in areas such as fintech or fintech and climate. Could freight technology be the next wave of investment in agriculture?


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