Survey of Peanut Shelling Facilities and the Internet at Farms


Survey of Peanut Shelling Facilities and the Internet at Farms

From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with your agribusiness update.

** In just over a year, Coastal Growers LLC transformed a field into a state-of-the-art peanut shelling facility.

Coastal Growers, owned by 195 farm families from Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Mississippi, held its grand opening in Atmore on February 23, according to

The 60-acre expanse includes warehouses, cold stores and a 65,000 square foot shelling plant that can shell 25 tons of peanuts per hour.

**National Association of Wheat Growers and Paterson, WA Vice President Nicole Berg testified before the House Ag Committee last week during a review of the 2018 Farm Bill.

According to, Berg said the hearing was timely because the NAWG is evaluating the effectiveness of agricultural safety net programs and ways to improve how the USDA administers them.

She says it’s important for Congress to maintain a strong safety net given the cyclical nature of the farm economy.

**A significant portion of America’s largest farmers “cannot take advantage of many apps and services” on the internet due to poor or no connection, according to a Purdue University survey.

According to, 12% of farmers surveyed for the Monthly Farm Economics Barometer said they had no internet access and 16% reported a poor connection.

The gap comes as the agricultural sector adopts precision farming technology such as GPS guidance for tractors and combines.


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