Starting Hylio

Arthur Erickson is co-founder of Hylio Agro Drones, a company that develops and manufactures agricultural drones in the United States. He and his co-founders had their idea of ​​what drone technology should be like in college. Seven years ago the company started I started the company with a few of my current co-founders who were my roommates at the time. We were going to the University of Texas at Austin, so I was starting aerospace engineering. My CTO was starting electrical engineering and computer science. Our CFO was now a business student, but we all sat in our dorm one day watching an article online about how Amazon and Google were doing drone delivery. And it just clicked. We said, if these big players do it, this technology is very exciting, it’s very accessible. He has a lot of power and potential. So at that point, being young and having nothing to lose and having the skills and the optimism, we decided, hey, let’s start a drone business. In the beginning, actually, we weren’t just doing GA. We focused on a number of different industries just trying to see what was the best product for the market. So we have created a versatile mid-to-heavy-duty drone system ourselves. So we did the hardware, the software, we had a minimally viable product that we went to market with, and we tried some defense applications, some drone delivery applications, but also AG all the time. So for about a year or two we just explored these different options. But in 2017, it was pretty clear that farming was what suited us best. We liked it the most. This is where we got the best product market, so this is what we dedicated ourselves to only. At the moment. Speaker1: A business started not in a garage, but in a dorm.


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