Split the Air with Lightning


Split the Air with Lightning

Farmers have known for years that thunderstorms are good for crops because science/academia says it’s due to lightning splitting the covalent bond of air (NO2) into nitrogen and oxygen. HyFrontier Technologies has found that thunderstorms also split rainwater in the atmosphere into hydrogen and oxygen (H2O), delivering nitrogen, oxygen AND hydrogen to the ground in large quantities. Once in the soil, they improve plant respiration, mineral uptake and water movement in the roots, all of which positively impact plant growth and productivity. Hydrogen appears to be the missing link farmers need to dramatically improve their growth, as tests reveal. In some seasons/years there are simply not enough storms to provide the necessary hydrogen and farmers have to accept less than a bumper crop.

Now, the benefits of hydrogen during a thunderstorm are duplicated thanks to a new process developed by HyFrontier Technologies. HyFrontier’s HyGrO delivery process is patent pending and is the first and only molecular hydrogen and oxygen delivery system for agriculture. Hygro enriches water and soil with hydrogen and oxygen. They do this by producing and distributing their safe, efficient, environmentally friendly and efficient HyGrO hydrogen infusion technology.

HyFrontier currently offers two plug and play HyGrO systems for indoor and small farm use (0.75 to 1.5 inch water lines). For larger applications, they develop custom modular systems that vary in size depending on the water flow and pipeline size of the irrigation system. All systems are beneficial for any plant in any type of soil, indoors or outdoors, even aeroponics, which is above ground.

Testing of the HyGrO system on various cannabis crops and plants showed that plants treated with HyGrO grew faster, taller, and healthier than untreated control plants. Examination of the root systems of the HyGrO-treated plants showed that they were larger, thicker and longer than the control plants. And this was accomplished using the same amount of fertilizer as the control plants, which could mean less fertilizer to grow bigger, healthier crops.

The HyGrO system from HyFrontier Technologies has the potential to improve the efficiency of agricultural production worldwide. It replicates the positive impact of thunderstorms and potentially eliminates the need for crop rotation, tillage or additional fertilizer. The operating cost of the system is nominal ($5 per day for 100 acres) and it is environmentally friendly.


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