Speak for Agriculture Pt 2


Speak for Agriculture Pt 2

From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with today’s Fruit Grower report. People who have never worked on a farm or those who are not part of the farming community should have a better idea of ​​what really goes into producing the food we all need to survive.

Director of the Agriculture Initiative at the Washington Policy Center, Pam Lewison says they should be aware of all the good, even great things farmers are doing…

LEWISON … “You know, I think a lot of it is about communication. I think we need to tell people better, you know, that we’re involved in things that mitigate climate change.

On a daily basis, Lewison says we are more sustainable than most would ever imagine…

LEWISON … “And then being able to communicate that to someone else that gets you to say how you farm and what you do and what you do to help the environment. And every farmer does something that helps the environment.

And, says Lewison, the more things change…

LEWISON … “Having these kinds of public-private partnerships and the collision of the ingenuity of agriculture and technology is where we can really start to see real long-term improvement in how we deal with agriculture. agriculture and climate change.

Lewison says agriculture should be given more credit than it is as farmers and researchers work on more and more ways to positively contribute to climate change.


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