Solar farming

Harvest two crops, electricity and hay or potatoes or wheat. Just add electricity and you have two harvests. William Kanitz is the owner and consultant of He claims that it is very viable to do agricultural production like in row crops or anything between the rows of solar panels. It’s easy to grow crops these days because we have GPS on our farm tractors hooked up to the implements, so spacing is no longer an issue. Some guys, you can see YouTube videos of guys driving through the terrain and they’re just sitting in the seat and the steering wheel is making its own direction. Of course, it’s technology. And we are here in the 21st century with technology and agriculture. In this particular case, it is easy to grow crops with solar panels. Now, for farmers on farms, signs are installed with GPS in a row just eight inches wide. Then the tractor they can spray, they can farm, they can harvest, think and farm and don’t have to worry about knocking over their panels. Speaker1: So you have rows and rows of vertical solar panels spaced between your rows and rows of crops, and you can easily maneuver your farm equipment between the panels. Kind of a solar wind win situation with a lot of government subsidies.


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