SmartVisionWorks Pt 2

I am Bob Larson. SmartVisionWorks takes artificial intelligence technology to new levels for food sorting.

Curtis Koelling, vice president of product development and innovation at SmartVisionWorks, says their AI goes beyond just color and sees the details…

KOELLING… “We can look at the context. We can look at texture and a lot of other cues that, you know, our minds usually pick up automatically, which are hard for us to explain, aren’t they, and say that’s exactly what I’m looking for. But the AI ​​models that we train, we can capture these different aspects, the visual aspects of the potato so that it can understand it.

Beyond that, Koelling says SmartVisionWorks is really finding its footing…

KOELLING… “We work with some pretty awesome technology every day and that’s something I can say I’m proud of and, you know, we’re actually doing some good things for the industry saving these little places that can ‘ can’t find a workforce.

Customers, says Koelling, know we have their back…

KOELLING… “I think what people love the most about our business and what we do is the fact that we always answer the phone, right. We care about what happens to our customers even after the sale. And, you can talk to any of them and they will talk about it.

To learn more about SmartVisionWorks and its high-tech approach to food sorting, visit


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