Scanit technology

FMC Ventures has invested in Scanit Technologies. Based in Fremont, Calif., Scanit is the creator of the SporeCam ™ instrument, a wireless sensor that proactively detects pathogenic airborne spores before they can infect crops. Disease detection primarily consists of manual spore trapping, predictive modeling or NDVI imaging – reactive approaches where speed and reliability are a concern, ”said Amar Singh, Managing Director of FMC Ventures. “Scanit’s technology is unique in the way it physically and autonomously measures spores. When combined with other parameters, Scanit keeps the promise of alerting the grower before the onset of the disease so that they can better manage their fungicide sprays.

Scanit’s SporeCam ™ instrument captures physical spores in the air, processes spore data through machine learning, and alerts growers when the spore count of harmful diseases reaches certain benchmarks. At the same time, FMC is expanding its precision farming solutions focused on fully protecting producer crops, requiring sophisticated data collection on disease and pest pressure. The goal of these combined efforts is to deploy highly accurate predictive modeling based on real-time data to help ensure that the right crop protection products are applied precisely where and when they are needed to improve sustainability, optimize performance. crop yield and improve return on investment for producers.


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