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Raspberry Challenges Pt 1

With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. Harvest numbers are in and it was no surprise Washington raspberry growers were hit hard by a string of record high temperatures in late June.

But looking ahead to next year, Washington Red Raspberry Commission Executive Director Henry Bierlink says the future remains uncertain…

BIERLINK … “It’s an open question because, you know, not only the flora canes, which we’re using for our berries this year, were up, but, you know, the prima canes, which will be the harvest of the l next year, were also going up and how much damage they took, how much they were stunted, that we won’t really know until next year.

Until then, Bierlink says there’s still a lot of work to do…

BIERLINK … “We have to plan a bit. Of course, some people immediately jump on the global warming trend and, you know, few of our growers do. They are a bit more balanced, but you have to look and tell if we are in a trend towards warmer temperatures and then what do we do about it when we look at strain development and different technologies.

But, Bierlink says there might be a little help to come…

BIERLINK … “There is a disaster relief bill that has been passed to the federal government, through the system.

There’s about $10 billion that was added just in this last budget reconciliation, or whatever you call it there, which applies to a lot of different things.

Tune in tomorrow for another major challenge facing Washington red raspberry growers in Whatcom County.


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