RA CIO resigns, website upgrade still pending


The Reston Association’s IT director has resigned, an IT committee has no chairperson, and the organization has been working for over a year to upgrade its website.

It comes after Ven Iyer, a former RA board member, raised concerns about information technology issues, noting problems in March that included an email breach from the former RA CEO Hank Lynch resulting in a loss of $187,000.

Clara William took office in September 2019, but RA spokesman Mike Leone said she quit last month.

The organization temporarily retired its website in July 2020 and uses a platform called Squarespace, a website builder that does not require coding. A DropBox – a popular file hosting service – is used to host meeting documents for the public.

“We updated the website in July 2020, and it currently resides on SquareSpace,” Leone said in a statement. “It is secure and no member data is hosted on this platform, so there are no security concerns.”

In late February, the board agreed to have staff create a report at its next board meeting on all IT incidents over the past two years that resulted in the loss of “data, money, or capacity. website costs”, costs associated with incidents and more. The motion provided that it would be communicated to the members as soon as possible.

The board again considered the matter in executive session at a regular meeting on June 24, referred “the matter of the website to the IT committee for review and recommendation” and tasked the association’s CEO with asking “staff to answer all questions from council” by August 18. .

Staff have completed the document, but it is not available to the public. Leone said this is an internal document that discusses website capacity and security. It was not immediately clear whether contributing RA residents would have access. Leone said the IT committee would have access to questions during its official meeting.

According to RA, he hopes to launch a new website sometime in 2022, but a timeline won’t be set until the IT committee meets.

Meanwhile, Lynch resigned in August. Larry Butler has since been named interim CEO as the search for a permanent CEO continues.


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