Pt 2 Bee Vectoring Technologies


Pt 2 Bee Vectoring Technologies

With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. Bee Vectoring Technologies takes advantage of the work honey bees and bumblebees are already doing… by enlisting them to bring its bio-controls to your flowering crops.

Ian Collinson of BVT says the active ingredient inoculates plants to protect them from fungal pathogens…using a high-tech approach with low-tech delivery…

COLLINSON… “That’s exactly it, isn’t it. It’s kind of just using nature to do what’s already intended and, you know, the bees are already doing that. Just have them take it out and do some protection while they’re at it.

Collinson says it’s effective on many fronts…

COLLINSON … “It’s really the disease profile of what R-Clonostachys are, what our active ingredient is going to be effective against. So Mummy Berry is a big one, Botrytis another, Sclerotinia, which mainly affects sunflowers, which is another crop we work with, and anthracnose.

And, Collinson says it works well across multiple cultures, with the potential for more…

COLLINSON … “Typically we are in the berry market, but we also do almonds, sunflowers. We are working on something for apples, but for now our

product can’t really help any apple grower.

But, in the end, is it “safe for bees”? …

COLLINSON… “Yes, of course. It is definitely safe for bees. We did a plethora of studies to be sure. We have done our own studies. We’ve worked with beekeepers over the years to really make sure it’s, you know, it’s a crucial part of our business. We will not succeed if we kill bees. So it is definitely safe for bees. I mean, it’s a really effective product.

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