Pt 1 Pear Export Challenges


Pt 1 Pear Export Challenges

From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with today’s Fruit Grower report. Northwest pears have faced as many challenges as any other when it comes to transportation and reaching consumers.

But, according to Jeff Correa, director of international marketing for Pear Bureau Northwest, what is their biggest challenge?

CORREA… “Well the challenge I think is probably what everyone has been talking about is the offshore export markets. Anything that’s going to be loaded into a container and has to come out of SeaTac or one of the other west coast ports, and go to Asia or South America or the Middle East. These were all badly affected.

The numbers, says Correa, are a bit misleading…

CORREA… “We’re down around 30 to 70% depending on the market, compared to recent years. But it was such a small crop that we’re really, sort of, down 50% to 85% from what would be a “normal” season.

But thanks to our neighbors…

CORREA… “It had a big impact. We really appreciate the volumes that Mexico and Canada were able to take and kind of made up for that loss this season.

So, says Correa, the decline in volumes over the past two years has actually helped, in a way…

CORREA… “I mean, it could have been a lot worse if we had had a much bigger crop and really needed to move those 600, 700,000 boxes to those offshore export markets.”

Tune in tomorrow to learn more about export challenges for pears.

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