Progress in Ag

Speaker1: Times certainly change, don’t they? Let’s step back in time to February 5, 1979 on the Mall in Washington, DC That day was full of tractors and farmers. Speaker2: The reason we are in Washington today is to protest the low prices we are experiencing in agriculture today. Speaker1: But let’s fast forward now to just a few days ago, where many tractors and other agricultural machinery appeared. But in this case, they weren’t there to protest, but rather. Speaker3: To really give an exhibit that celebrates modern agriculture and how technology is really leading to a more sustainable food production system. Speaker1: The event was National Agriculture Day. One of the coordinators of this AG Day event that you just heard from, Kurt Blades from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers. He and others have helped bring together the people and equipment of some 30 companies and organizations with all kinds and sizes of innovative, near-futuristic tractors and other advanced agricultural technologies. Speaker3: Whether it’s the latest and greatest tractors or spray technology that identifies weeds and only sprays the weeds or the latest tractor engines that are 20% more efficient than generation former. And then other cool things like robotic milking which allows a small farm to be more operationally efficient, but also addresses some of the labor issues that might exist today.


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