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Predictive agricultural technology

Tim Hammerich

It’s time to publish your Farm of the Future report. I am Tim Hammerich.

Technology has accelerated at an unprecedented rate, but when it comes to agriculture, many companies are still struggling to deliver a return on investment. Brendan Bachman, senior manager of agronomic technology at GROWMARK, sees a variety of tools on the market that, when integrated, can add real value to farmers.

Bachman… “Can sensors on the ground and various things give us this hyper-local weather information that can maybe start to be really, really accurate and predictive of things like disease. Predictive on things such as nitrogen loss. Predictive in areas such as yield forecasts. You know, as we start to look at some of the things that producers are really going to find huge value in, it gives me the right information to have a high level of confidence that when I spend my hard-earned money, I’m gonna get a return on investment.

Bachman sees a future in which farmers can rely on digital tools to help them make more data-driven marketing and management decisions.

Bachman… “Most growers don’t sell their APH proactively, do they, because the ‘what ifs’ happen. But if I could give you a confidence interval of over 90% that I could be within 5% of the final return in July would that help or give you the confidence to trade the 20 or 30 last bushels of what we quantified as you know, somewhere around a 20 to 30 cent premium in the market historically? That’s a lot of money for producers of over 200 bushels of corn.

The key, says Bachman, is integrating the right tools to deliver real solutions.


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