Port bottleneck

When it comes to removing the bottleneck in West Coast ports, Representative Dan Newhouse, chair of the Western Caucus, says there are unfortunately no improvements to report.

“All the factors that helped slow down and save railroad truck containers and ships, all of those things are still in place, and at some levels are even getting worse with mandatory vaccine policies and the potential. losing some of the critical employees within the supply chain due to administrative decrees.

Newhouse adds that there could be reasons for optimism as negotiations for many employment contracts for workers at these ports are expected to begin soon, due to the expiration of current contacts.

Newhouse says he hopes real solutions will come from these negotiations.

“You know, we would love to be able to see extended jobs, shifts of hours, a 24/7 harvest season focused on reducing additional traffic in our ports would be helpful at this point. “

Again, Representative Dan Newhouse, Chairman of the Western Caucus.


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