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Plant irrigation from Phytech

Tim Hammerich

It’s time to publish your Farm of the Future report. I am Tim Hammerich.

Crops cannot talk to farmers about their needs, but with the right instruments, they can communicate. Phytech is a company that offers plant-based irrigation software that detects when a plant needs water using dendrometers. Gilbert Rodriguez is Account Manager at Phytech.

Rodriguez…” So we use irrigation sensors and we are able to follow the contraction and expansion of the tree, and communicate to growers when their trees are under stress long before they see the physical characteristics of the tree wither and things like that. So with our dendrometer, we’re really able to get that visibility where we never had before. Now we’re proactive instead of reactive. That’s us allows us to use water more effectively and efficiently. Now we can see how much water and when we need to irrigate. So with a platform provided by Phytech, we are really able to see the whole farm on the app.”

Rodriguez said Phytech’s technology can work on a variety of crops, making it easy for farmers to know when to irrigate.

Rodriguez… “During the day the tree contracts. At night it fills up. The leaves of the tree, the stomata, are closed at night. Thus, the tree fills up again at this point. We are therefore able to capture your contraction expenses throughout the day, week and month. And that’s how we pass on to the producer with our algorithm backup that backs us, lets producers know in a very simple and easy color coding variance. Green means good, red means bad.

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