Plant Breeding – Part Two


Plant Breeding – Part Two

Tim Hammerich

This is Tim Hammerich from the Ag Information Network with your Farm of the Future report.

Plant breeding is vital to the future of agriculture. The process now typically involves large teams with the latest technology. Tools such as genetic modification should be trusted, says seed consultant Marcel Bruins, because a rigorous approval process is in place.

Bruins… “If you want to release a biotech variety, it will have to go through a very thorough testing process where you test the new variety on a range of different organisms, if it is safe. And these rules are established by the Codex Alimentarius, which is a UN-based organization. They set the rules for testing biotech varieties.

Bruins said the science is clear that genetically modified foods are safe.

Bruins… “We have eaten over a billion meals containing GM products. There are 300 to 400 million consumers in the United States and we have been eating GMOs for several decades. So plus all the other countries in the world. So that’s over a trillion meals we’ve eaten with GMO ingredients and no indication of illness or death. So that means to me and most people that GMOs are safe. »

Gene editing is another plant breeding technology we will explore tomorrow.


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