Peanuts to compete for acres


Peanuts to compete for acres

With your southeast regional farm newspaper, I’m Haylie Shipp.

In 2021, US peanut farmers delivered one of their best harvests in decades. The US peanut market needed it and is now in good balance. But, according to, the growing market still needs acres of peanuts in 2022 and it will have to compete for them.

They report that across the industry it was clear that the 2021 crop was of excellent quality, with some calling it the best in decades with little to no aflatoxin issues, which have plagued the industry. in 2019. Record yields were estimated in Oklahoma (4,400 lbs per acre), South Carolina (4,200 lbs) and Virginia (4,700 lbs), but average yields were high throughout the Peanut Belt. In Georgia, the nation’s top peanut producer, growers were expecting an average of 4,450 pounds per acre, down 130 pounds from the state record set in 2012.

According to Adam Rabinowitz, an agricultural economist at Auburn University, given higher cotton, corn and soybean prices, peanut contracts will have to compete for acres for 2022 production.


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