Panel approves Testa bill requiring information literacy education in schools


Under the Testa Bill (S-3464), schools would be required to provide information literacy education so that students can determine reliable and useful content and avoid invalid and misleading documents.

“With the predominance of news sources in today’s high tech world, it is imperative that young people learn to navigate the options and understand that not all information on the internet is credible,” said Testa (R-1). “Anyone can post a blog post, podcast, or YouTube video, but the information may not be accurate or useful. There is no liability, so students must learn to evaluate the material and use it effectively.

In addition, the bill requires the Commissioner of Education to establish continuing education programs on information literacy education for school administrators, library media specialists, and teaching staff who will provide training. instructions to students.

“The information published can be misleading and manipulative,” Testa said. “The emphasis on information literacy will allow children to learn how to search effectively, assess the legitimacy of online sources, and make the most of their computer time.”

Under the Testa Bill, program guidelines include: teaching students the research process; develop skills for using information resources; evaluate information critically and competently; access information and information tools; and an understanding of the economic, legal and social issues surrounding the use of information; and how to use the information ethically and legally.

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