Oregon Ag

The past two years have been very difficult for the farming community in the Pacific Northwest. In case the pandemic and last year’s economic shutdown weren’t enough, farmers across the region have faced a variety of historic weather struggles this year, from extreme cold in early 2021 to record-breaking heat, drought and wildfire smoke, to name a few. .

But the Oregon Ag community has remained resilient in the face of all these challenges. Alexis Taylor, director of the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

” We are always here. It’s still a vital and essential part of our economy, for me it’s the number one part of our economy, the sector I work with every day, and I think that’s a strong testament to the success of the Oregon agriculture, is the longevity we’ve had.

Taylor says growing up on a farm taught her to always see the best in every situation and to be optimistic. With that in mind, there is one bright spot to take away from 2020 and 2021; consumers have become more interested in knowing where their food comes from and are looking to buy local Oregon produce.

“We have seen this over the past year with the increase in people going to farmers markets or joining community supported agriculture, known as CSA, and we see this continuing to a large extent. . Even though things, restaurants, are reopening and that kind of stuff, people are still interested in supporting these local producers and buying these local Oregon products.

Taylor adds that she looks forward to what the future holds for Oregon agriculture, not just in 2022 but beyond.


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