Office of Information Technology introduces BrownU app, myBrown portal to UCS


The Undergraduate Council listened to a presentation from the Office of Information Technology on the BrownU app and the myBrown portal during its general meeting on Wednesday evening.

The purpose of coming to the meeting was to educate students about the app and portal and to receive feedback, said Stephanie Obodda, assistant director of IT communications and training.

“With previous cohorts at UCS, we’ve had close relationships with people and heard a lot of great feedback,” she said.

The BrownU app and myBrown portal were created to consolidate the many different services students use into one place to make resources easier to access, Obodda added.

The app is intended to serve as an “on-the-go” tool that displays services — such as dining room options and laundry availability — that are useful for navigating through the day, Obodda said.

The app also includes a campus map that lists information such as the location of inclusive restrooms and building accessibility, she said.

UCS members shared that they would like to see the app include the locations of wheelchair accessible restrooms and water bottle refill stations.

Other services available on the app include a personalized daily schedule, Workday access, and balances for BearBucks and student meal plans.

While the app serves as a “mobile resource,” the myBrown portal is meant to be a “one-stop shop” that brings together all the information and resources a student or faculty member may need, the senior project manager said. and Scrum Master Meave Bradley, another member of the ILO’s Digital Innovation Group.

Similar to the app, the portal aggregates student information from various platforms used by the University. For example, a student could use the portal to view job postings from BrownConnect and Workday without having to navigate to either site, she said.

Other portal-related services include registration information, counselor contacts, and dean’s office hour registrations.

The portal will not replace other platforms used by the University, but will make information available on them more “convenient and accessible”, Bradley said.

Also at the meeting, Community Engagement Chair Ayana Boyd ’24 gave the Council an overview of her position, which was created last year.

Currently, Boyd is focused on “creating resources for and working with student groups, … working with the student body and College Hill neighborhoods and businesses, as well as supporting lobbying with local government. “, she said.

Some of Boyd’s current projects include seeing how UCS can support the realization of Anti-Black Racism Task Force recommendations for community engagement, building partnerships between UCS and community engagement organizations. on campus, bringing local artists to Brown and collaborating with elected officials from Rhode. Island on student civic engagement.

Given the number of projects that fall under its role, the Council is considering making community engagement a new committee rather than a one-off position, Boyd said.

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