NYC steps up information campaign ahead of COVID warrant application


STATEN ISLAND, NY – New York City continued its information campaign on Tuesday about the planned upcoming app for the nation’s first coronavirus vaccine, requiring companies to check the status of customers and staff.

Leaflets with information on the warrants will be available for relevant domestic businesses, and the city’s Small Business Services Department (SBS) has announced the launch of industry-specific guidelines ahead of the September 13 application date. , officials announced during the morning of Mayor Bill de Blasio. briefing.

“One of the things we heard from restaurateurs is that they wanted a simple message that they could display at the entrance of a restaurant so that they could understand the rules,” de Blasio said of new leaflets. “They understand it’s a city rule. It is not something invented by every restaurant. It’s universal now.

The flyers inform clients of the tenure, awareness of which began earlier this month, and that children under 12 are exempt from the requirement, which the mayor has dubbed the “Key to New York.” Additionally, the leaflets contain information on how to get a free coronavirus vaccine.

Customers and staff will need to provide proof of at least one coronavirus vaccine before entering certain businesses, such as bars, restaurants and fitness centers.

Acceptable evidence is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention vaccination cards, the state’s “Excelsior Pass” phone app, and the city’s “COVID Safe” app.

De Blasio also announced new information available on the city ​​website which provides businesses with best practices in vaccine verification, complaint handling, and the process for recognizing and reporting false immunization cards.

SBS commissioner Jonnel Doris said the city will also launch industry-specific guidelines on Tuesday that it says will further help businesses, the availability of weekly online trainings and checklists to ensure that businesses know what needs to be done.

“We’ve created a template that you can fill out quickly and easily – how to put your plan into action, know what to check, how to get things done quickly when checking immunization cards – all of that and more,” Doris said. .


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