NYC begins training in media and information literacy


Aletta Shikololo

The National Youth Council (NYC), in partnership with Unesco and the Namibian National Commission, with the support of the Japanese government, officially launched Media and Information Literacy (MIL) for the civic engagement of young people in Namibia.

The project aims to engage youth-led organizations and young people in general to participate in MIL workshops, webinars and online trainings to navigate the digital information ecosystem.

Talk to Youth corner, Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing in New York City, Brian Prince, said the project’s vision is to empower young people to make informed decisions, become actively involved in large-scale societal affairs, and be agents of change in their professional fields.

“The program aims to empower young people across Namibia with knowledge and skills in media and information literacy. It focuses on disinformation, online hate speech, misinformation, misinformation and media ethics,” Prince said.

NYC has already completed the training of 13 facilitators, who are expected to train the target audience of 1,000 young people by December 2021.

According to Yang Wang, information officer at Unesco, the new project is a lifelong learning tool for young people to assess and verify, feed and receive messages on the platforms. social media and the internet.

“Searching, interacting and sharing information online also involves privacy issues, which are closely associated with the transparency of Internet companies regarding the collection of data and algorithms; digital citizenship education is therefore another essential element of media and information literacy,” she said.

NYC urges those interested in joining the project to be on the lookout on their many social media platforms when they open the apps.

“For those who have applied, please keep your phone close as we will be contacting you very soon,” he said.

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2021-08-18 Aletta Shikololo


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