Nutrien Ag Solutions helps growers maximize profitability


Nutrien Ag Solutions helps growers maximize profitability

Field days and visits are always very important for farmers and ranchers. That’s because it’s an opportunity to see the latest research and technology available to help them maximize their profitability.

Nutrien Ag Solutions is recognized as a leader in helping growers achieve the highest yields with the most sustainable solutions possible.

Austin Orcutt is with their Snake River Division explaining some of their new wheat varieties that they are excited to share with farmers.

“Some of the varieties we’ve released offer sawfly resistance or Clearfield technology,” Orcutt said. “Our newest herbicide resistance would be coaxial genes.”

Montana farmer Chad Conover says field trips are still a valuable resource for his family’s farm operation.

“Well, it gets them to do the hard work, and then we can just come in and see what they’ve done and that keeps us in the loop,” Conover said. “There’s a lot of knowledge here and a lot of data and research that we can apply to our farms and most importantly it brings it all together and then we can choose and that makes our choices sometimes harder, sometimes easier because they’re selecting the best varieties for us.”

In addition to their cereal varieties, Nutrien Ag Solutions also helps farmers and ranchers increase their production with their forage and pulse varieties.

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Source: Agricultural Information Network and Western Agricultural Network


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