NMSU Information Technology Student Group Wins National Award


The student chapter of the Association of Information Technology Professionals at New Mexico State University won a prestigious award at the American University Conference on Information Technology in 2021.

The NMSU Chapter received the Premier Student Organization Award from the USITCC, which recognizes the group’s achievements during the 2020-2021 academic year.

Rajaa Shindi, AITP Advisor and Assistant Professor at the College of Business at NMSU, said the award is a testament to the dedicated team of students who have made the NMSU Chapter so successful. This team, added Shindi, is dedicated to providing students with opportunities to participate in the information technology community and explore related careers.

“I thank my students for organizing activities and accomplishments during a difficult time. Many organizations have closed or halted their activities, but what happened with AITP was completely opposite during this pandemic, ”said Shindi. “This is why the USITCC awarded us this prestigious award. “

Rather than shutting down group activities last year, AITP President Yanin Sanchez, a graduate student pursuing an MBA, decided to move forward by holding regular events throughout the year. school year. Sanchez said the group worked with 4-H Youth Development to recruit high school students to attend NMSU, held structured query language workshops for beginners, and conducted a solid review of the College of Business website. The students also invited several IT professionals to speak at their group meetings.

The group also mentored and helped a class of local middle school students apply for a Microsoft award, Shindi said.

“I would like to congratulate (the NMSU AITP) for having managed to maintain a successful student organization during a very difficult pandemic year,” said Fred Kitchens, member of the Foundation for IT Education, which sponsors the USITCC.

Shindi said the group’s efforts over the past year have highlighted the often overlooked relationship between business and technology.

“Our diverse technology team strives to dispel the misconception that there is no technology in business,” she said. “There is actually a huge amount of technology in the business world, and technology is essential for every big business. “

The group currently has around 20 active members and welcomes students from all backgrounds, said current president Jesus Reyes, a graduate student in accounting and information systems. The group meets at 5 p.m. every other Thursday on Zoom.

Reyes said he hopes to continue to develop AITP and increase its visibility on campus.

“For the next semester, what we’re going to try to do is focus more on freshman skills, such as writing resumes and cover letters,” Reyes said. “We will also try to recruit a little more to keep the organization active and continuous.

Sanchez said students of any major would benefit from attending AITP.

“I have traveled a lot in my current job and have met a lot of professors and professionals in the field. They tell me that careers in information systems are in high demand overall right now, especially in cybersecurity, ”Sanchez said.

Shindi added that safety remains a top priority across all industries, and she encourages all students to take technology courses while studying at university.

“Everything is going digital and everything is becoming an online process. We need to be aware of this technology and understand it, ”she said.

Zoey Le, a graduate student studying information systems, said she gained valuable new skills through AITP.

“I don’t get a lot of technical skills in the classroom, but when I joined AITP I got a lot of practical skills,” Le said.

Author: Carlos Andres Lopez

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