Medicom Wins Five New VA Contracts That Expand Its Health Information Network From New York To Hawaii, Enabling Medical Image Sharing And Health Record Exchange For Millions Of Veterans


With these additions, the Medicom Health Information Network is now available in the following VA Health Systems:

  • Veterans Integrated Services Network 21: Sierra Pacific Network

o San Francisco VA Health Care System (CA)

o Central California VA Health Care System (CA)

o Northern California (CA) Health Care System

o VA Pacific Islands Health Care System (HI)

o VA Palo Alto Health Care System (CA)

o Sierra Nevada (NV) Health Care System

  • Integrated Veterans Services Network 2: New York/New Jersey VA Healthcare Network

o VA Hudson Valley Health Care System (NY)

o VA New Jersey (NJ) Health Care System

o VA NY Harbor Healthcare System (NY)

o VA Western New York Healthcare System (NY)

o Albany VA Medical Center: Samuel S. Stratton (NEW YORK)

o Bath VA Medical Center (NY)

o Canandaigua VA Medical Center (NY)

o James J. Peters VA Medical Center (NY)

o Northport VA Medical Center (NY)

o Syracuse VA Medical Center (NY)

  • Veterans Integrated Service Network 19: Rocky Mountain Network

oh well Harrison VA (MT) Health Care System

o Cheyenne VA Health Care System (WY, CO)

o Eastern Colorado VA (CO) Health Care System

o Western Colorado VA Health Care System (CO, UT)

o Eastern Oklahoma VA Health Care System (OK)

o Oklahoma City VA Health Care System (OK)

o Salt Lake City VA Health Care System (UT, ID, NV)

o Sheridan VA Health Care System (WY) NO

  • Integrated Veterans Services Network 9: VA MidSouth Healthcare Network

o Tennessee Valley Health System, Alvin C. York Campus and Nashville campus (TN)

o Mountain Home VA Healthcare System (TN)

o Memphis VA Medical Center (TN)

o Lexington VA Healthcare System – Cooper and Leestown Divisions (KY)

o Robley Rex Louisville VA Medical Center (KY)

  • Louis Stokes Medical Center Cleveland VA (OH)
  • Southern Arizona VA (AZ) Health Care System
  • Phoenix VA (AZ) Healthcare System
  • William S Middleton Medical Center VA (WI)
  • Clement J Zablocki Medical Center VA (WI)
  • Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center (MI)
  • VA Illiana Health Care System (IL)
  • Asheville VA Medical Center (NC)
  • VA Southern Nevada Health Care System (NV)

Medicom enables coordination of care with commercial healthcare providers – a growing need due to Missions Act

Since its enactment in 2018, the Mission Act has increased veterans’ access to health care in the community. Although the Mission Act was hailed as a significant step forward in giving veterans access to health services in the private sector, it also created many clinical and administrative challenges. Medical images and diagnostic results are often couriered to and from the VA on CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs, resulting in significant delays in diagnoses and continuity of care, as well as costs to the VA estimated at $163-181 million per year, nationally.

Medicom’s federated platform solves these interoperability issues with its secure, proprietary network that enables indexing, searching, and retrieving information in a decentralized manner. Via Medicom’s platform, healthcare providers such as the VA can electronically retrieve images and reports requested by community providers through temporary encrypted conduits and seamlessly integrate the data into their computer records systems. existing healthcare devices, such as an EMR or PACS.

The Medicom platform brings a patient’s complete medical history in a research-driven user interface and simplifies the process of finding and retrieving health information for patients, providers and third parties by creating an efficient user experience. and simple.

Sanford Health, one of the nation’s largest health care systems, recently published how Medicom’s Health Information Network has enabled better care for veterans in its community.

‘”Providers who want to view the information or view the imagery. It’s at your fingertips. It’s there,” Paul Burudgeneral manager of Sanford Heart Fargosaid’.

About Medicom
Medicom operates a federated health information network of more than 2,000 organizations connected across United States. The Medicom Network enables providers, patients, and life science institutions to find, access, and share relevant health information that resides in disparate IT ecosystems. By having the ability to seek out and identify critical health information among patient populations, clinicians and researchers have the information needed to advance patient care and accelerate the development of new therapies.

Required disclosures

Pursuant to CFR § 852.203-70, Medicom declares that the statements made herein do not imply that the Department of Veterans Affairs endorses or approves of Contractor’s products or services or considers Contractor’s products or services superior to other products or services.

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