Media and Information Literacy Fair in Bosnia and Herzegovina


In the light of the European Commission’s “European Media Literacy Week” and other similar global and national initiatives, Media and Information Literacy Days in Bosnia and Herzegovina – a campaign running from 24 to 31 October 2021 has been launched by the Communications Regulatory Authority of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the support of the Council of Europe and other partners in the field.

The campaign aims to highlight the relevance and importance of media and information literacy in society. In addition, the campaign seeks to promote ongoing initiatives and projects related to media and information literacy and to encourage future initiatives in the field. In addition, this initiative pays particular attention to the resources created and developed by the various BIH actors, thereby raising awareness and serving as a panel for the exchange of ideas between key actors engaged in the field. The slogan for this year’s campaign reads as “Opportunities and risks in the digital environment”, and one of its first activities was the Media and Information Education Fair.

During today’s webinar session, the most relevant informational and educational material and resources, which help to strengthen media literacy knowledge among different groups of citizens, including, but without s ‘y limit, children, young adults, parents and teachers, were presented at the Fair, including a website that will be used for the publication of the aforementioned resources and many other resources in media education and information, as well as a series of research articles and studies in the field. The event brought together 31 participants, including licensees from ARC, audiovisual media services and radio service providers, relevant media players and key stakeholders concerned and involved in the field of media literacy. and information.

The webinar was organized with the support of the Council of Europe and its action Media and Information Literacy: For Human Rights and More Democracy, as part of the Council of Europe Action Plan. Europe for Bosnia and Herzegovina 2018-2021. Funding at the action plan level is provided by Luxembourg and Norway.


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