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Maximize your investment in fertility

With your southeast regional farm newspaper, I’m Haylie Shipp. It is the agricultural information network.

The harvest is in the ground. Now we sit and wait and speculate and hope, don’t we? Well, maybe we can be a little more proactive than that. Josh Byford is Brand Manager at Helena Agri-Enterprises.

“The challenge now is how to maximize the investment in fertility as the season progresses. Really the key is flexibility and efficiency. We’ve seen that in-season foliar nutrition can really give us that. Helena recommends supplementing your conventional fertilizer programs with Coron Metra.And Coron Metra is really just a foliar fertilizer with an advanced source of controlled-release nitrogen.It contains a unique adhesive property that helps it stay on target and provide longer plant availability.

This approach, he says, allows you to provide timely nutrition throughout the season when demand is highest. And he explained that Metra is more than just nitrogen, that there are five different formulations to help farmers meet a variety of in-season nutritional needs.

“But the real difference maker is Helena’s ENC formulation technology. This technology improves the plant’s ability to absorb and use nutrients much more efficiently.

You can visit for more information on Coron Metra and to find your local Helena dealer.


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