Mastery of information: MREST – JMU


Knowledge, skills, dispositions required: recognize characteristics of scholarship in any form, match an information need with an appropriate source, recognize the University as a specific type of information landscape, creativity in using a variety of scholarship in their own work.

Knowledge, skills, dispositions required: choose appropriate research tools, use effective research techniques, recognize that research is a skill that requires multiple attempts to find the most useful information.

Knowledge, skills, dispositions required: an openness to explore new and challenging topics and projects, a willingness to find how scholarship leads to greater understanding, a willingness to investigate prior knowledge or assumptions, the ability to formulate an appropriate manageable research question to a university audience.

Knowledge, skills, dispositions required: understand the importance of credentials and the characteristics that make an expert an expert. Distinguish between what counts as high-quality information in an academic setting. An ability to verify claims with evidence.

Knowledge, skills, dispositions requiredd: Use source material effectively in own work, regardless of platform (print, presentation, poster, etc.), effectively using technology or platforms to help an audience or reader understand the purpose of a job.

Knowledge, skills, dispositions required: Recognize that scholarship has value to an author, distinguish between original and attributed ideas, and effectively cite sources used.


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