Managing Fertilizer Ups and Downs


Managing Fertilizer Ups and Downs

With your southeast regional farm newspaper, I’m Haylie Shipp. It is the agricultural information network.

Looking to manage your fertilizer dollars without negatively impacting your yield? If there was a year to comb through your finances, this is it. A short time ago, I spoke with Brian Carrol, a Product Specialist at Helena…

“It is very likely that nutrient deficiencies will appear due to these adjustments. My recommendation is to make fabric sampling a priority this season. You can use our Extractor tissue sample program. You can help identify gaps before they create a problem.

Brian also had the recommendation to supplement your conventional fertilizer with Coron Metra…

“Coron Metra contains unique adhesive properties to stay on target and provide longer availability to the plant, so you get better uptake through this foliar application in a safer way. And this approach allows you to deliver that nutrition in a timely manner throughout the season when demand is greatest. It helps to manage the ups and downs in the fertilizer market.

He says Coron is more than nitrogen because it contains Helena’s ENC technology…

“And this technology improves the ability of this plant to absorb these nutrients and use them more efficiently.”

If you want more information, you can visit You can also contact your local Helena dealer.


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