keyboor information technology: the startup T-Hub Keyboor Information Technology launches a social media platform

HYDERABAD: T-Hub Keyboor Information Technology startup on Friday announced the launch of a new social media platform that would help young people on their career paths and connect with stakeholders for upskilling.
Founded by Johnson Muppasani, Anand Boompog and Moses Paul Muppasani, the platform engages with the student community, young professionals, job seekers, employers and businesses. The platform was developed with the collaboration of Zentech Solutions Inc and Keyboor Information Technology Pvt Ltd.
According to startup co-founder Moses Paul Muppasani, the platform was piloted in a remote district of Andhra Pradesh and within two weeks saw 12,000 registrations from students, job seekers, corporate businesses, universities and local hospitals. created a local ecosystem.
“Existing social media professionals tend to cater to executives as well as established professionals. Our intention is also to meet the needs of students, aspiring entrepreneurs and job seekers in remote parts of the country” , he said, adding that the founders have invested half a million so far and will currently focus on user engagement.

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