Karen Ross SGMA January 18


Karen Ross SGMA January 18

mike stephens

For California AG today, I’m Mike Stephens, we continue to speak with Karen Ross, secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture. She spoke about the ongoing preparations for the implementation of Sigma, the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.

It’s the importance of being actively engaged with your irrigation district and now with Sigma, the groundwater sustainability agencies that are created to make sure you have a voice and what those plans look like. Just this week, the department informed six Central Valley groundwater sustainability agencies that their plans submitted 18 months ago were incomplete. They now have 180 days to update and provide any additional information or additional planning required to obtain Department of Water Resources approval. The water resources staff will be very available to help them solve some of the engineering questions, some of the technological questions that are incomplete. But now is the time for residents and farmers to get actively involved in what those plans look like, how they will handle demand, and how they intend to recharge their groundwater basin. This is a critical point in putting these plans together and making sure they are viable.


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