Investment for water Jan 17


Investment for water Jan 17

mike stephens

For California law today. I am Mike Stephens. We continue to speak with Karen Ross, Secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture. She explains that there is money available for water and drought response, as well as for infrastructure.

There was a total of $5.1 billion in the budget we are currently implementing for a variety of water and drought responses, including $200 million for sigma implementation grants and multi-benefit projects for small communities, including rural projects. There was $200 million over two years for transportation projects, and the Department of Water Resources announced last week how that money will be allocated. Bryant, Delta State Water Project, Mendota Canal So really, how do we optimize our existing infrastructure with these kinds of repairs, in addition to the new projects that have been identified to help us withstand drought? So the investment that we have in addition to the Prop One dollars that are being spent on these longer term projects is all about, as the governor said, it won’t exactly help us in this drought, but it’s future proof California so we can be more resilient to the droughts that we know will continue to be part of our future.


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